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Fruit Pig Haggis & Black Pudding

New for 2022 we are delighted to welcome Fruit Pig butchery to our shelves. Fruit Pig began as a rare breed butchery in 2008 and has grown to specialise in excellent black pudding.

Black Pudding

Did you know that all of the main producers of wholesale black pudding in the UK use imported dried blood powder to make their products? All except Fruit Pig of course! They have their own abattoir and the two founders Matthew and Grant became fully qualified slaughtermen in 2016. This means that they are able to collect the fresh blood with which to make their rare puddings.

Burns Night Haggis

Haggis is delicious at any time of the year. However, we love a proper Burns Night celebration with haggis, neeps and tatties! This year we are stocking the meaty, flavourful haggis from Fruit Pig too. This is a slow-cooked, traditional haggis. It simply needs wrapping in foil and putting in a dish of water to reheat in the oven. A perfect hearty treat on these cold winter days.

White Pudding

Finally, we are also stocking the Fruit Pig white pudding to complete the range, because their quality is so high. If you have been lucky enough to try a cooked breakfast in Ireland, then you have probably come across white pudding before. It is made with oats, smoked bacon and pork fat. A rich breakfast treat, it has a spicy hit of flavour thanks to cumin, white pepper and other spices in their secret blend! Simply slice and cook in the pan. Just treat it the same way as you would with black pudding. Heat it through and add a bit of crisp.